The Heritage Art Park Series

My first book was published two days before my 60th birthday, proving that it’s never too late.

My work as a grief and bereavement counselor, Human Resource professional, and volunteer to the underdog has given me sparks of stories that have built up so long I had to get them out.

Stitches is the first book in the Heritage Art Park Series, a series of six books set in each of six Victorian homes in San Diego’s Heritage Park. This book introduces all the characters to follow in the next five books and sets the scene for adventures and ideas to come.

Jen Conrad is the central figure in Stitches. She is a widow who has to recreate her life after her husband dies, and her life is not at all what she thought it was – nor is she. Self-discovery and painful revelations allow her to bloom into an independent woman who is discovering who she is and what she wants. Themes of loneliness, identity, friendship, and creativity come into play as a group meets every week for a special project.

The next book is Canvas, the story of Renee Murphy, Jen’s best friend since the second grade. Renee has been the mayor of San Diego, and now that she’s termed out, she’s wondering what to do with her life. There are lots of options, but she ends up fostering a very angry fifteen year old. We explore the difficult area of foster care and the social ramifications of children being born to people who don’t deserve them.

The third book planned is Pages, the story of Jade Robinson, the live-in companion to Iris Anderson. Jade has a (excuse the pun) jaded history; she is running from the law and is in fear for her life, but she continues to put her best foot forward trying to figure out exactly what she has to offer the world, since she never had a family. She has been taking advantage of people and situations her entire life. Now it’s time to stop. But can she without going to prison?

I live in Palm Springs with my husband of 37 years, two black labs named Nick and Nora and a black cat named Freddie. They are all very helpful.