Dangerous Women

thI tend to do things kind of quietly, working in the background. I have always thought of myself as the guy on the printing press turning the wheel to get the papers out, replacing the paper, inking the layout, then cranking some more to just get it out. That’s me, making it go round and round and producing.

Somehow, though, I tend to end up in a leadership position. I resented it for a long time, in a way, because it’s not where I shine and I think I ended up in those positions because nobody else wanted the responsibility or had the time. Good old Kathy will do it; she’s a workhorse. We can rely on her.

I led from the basement again, and allowed others to take the limelight (fine with me!) on the stage because all I wanted was to produce and get the job done.

My friend Janelle Alex over at www.authorstalkaboutit.com and I have recently talked about a movement for women to change the world in small (and big) ways. We started to talk about the women we admired in history who we began to call Dangerous Women. These are women who went against the odds – think suffragettes. They were called dangerous by men because they were shaking things up and dinner might not be on the table at dinner time, thus upsetting the delicate balance of the household. (That’s a dangerous precedent to set.)

Rosa Parks just wanted to sit because her feet hurt. Ruth Gruber just wanted to bring Jewish refugees to the U.S., Eleanor Roosevelt publicly went against her husband’s policies in her daily column from time to time because she just wanted to be heard. Sandra Day O’Connor just wanted to be the first Supreme Court judge who happened to be a female. Susan B. Anthony, Clare Booth Luce, Lorena Hickock, Frances Perkins, Mary Todd Lincoln, Dorothea Dix, Cady Stanton…the list goes on and on of women who dared to go against the grain, at small land large levels, for the greater good in our history.

But who do you know who currently is a Dangerous Woman? Let’s shine a light on these women who are changing the world, a little at a time, in a notable way. Maybe we can all learn something or get inspired to contribute our own talents and skills, either from the basement or from the stage.

Please comment about any women you know who has started a movement or is doing something extraordinary to change her family, her work, her neighborhood, or the world in some way, from the basement or from the stage.

Time to make some noise. Please contribute, and let’s share what we know about women who are changing the world.





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