The Making of a Star – It’s a Wrap!


So, after all the angst, gnashing of teeth and practice, what did I learn from this experience?

As I try to relate in my books, it’s never to late to learn a thing or two. Or try a new thing or two. Or just go after something. Here’s what I learned:

  • That your conclusions don’t actually jive with everyone else’s. I thought I didn’t make much sense, talked too much, and could have sat up straighter. Nonsense. Even if that were true, it’s not the end of the world.
  • That it’s not so scary once you do it – the next time will be better, and easier.
  • That you won’t get what you want unless you ask.
  • That you are allowed to be proud of something you’ve accomplished.

I wrote a book just to see if I could, and it got published. My reviews were mostly from people who knew me, so I didn’t trust their feedback. After the interview, many acquaintances approached me and told me how much they liked it. Then it was reviewed by a book reviewer who gave it a five-star review – a very nice surprise, and one that pushed me over the fence to think that maybe I had something here.

And lastly, the biggest lesson I learned is this: never doubt yourself.

Click here for the interview – it’s only three minutes long.








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