The Making of a Star – Part Three

thI felt like I was going to my execution following the other guest (male, of course I brought up the rear…) and through some very heavy doors into the studio.


Some observations (by the way, this was on my bucket list “be on television.” Moved from “to do” to “done” column. Now only 4,387 still to do):

  • The studio was no bigger than my living room. I watch the news every night, and I had no idea the studio was this small, nor did I have a clue that what we see on screen is all smoke and mirrors. Two stools sit in a corner and I recognized where the host would sit and where the guest usually sat. Okay, got it.
  • The green wall you hear so much about was right there, only about ten feet long. The weatherman looks into a camera and reads the temps and points to the green wall like Vanna White. And there are definitely markings on the floor in duct tape.
  • You know how these guys sound like they are shouting, or at least SPEAKING VERY LOUDLY??? They don’t. I watched a news anchor read off a story in a very quiet voice. Amazing what happens over the air waves to amplify the sound.
  • Usually the program logo is displayed on the wall between the host and the guest – blank wall now! Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.
  • There were no camera people. The cameras were autonomous. Oh, and the news logo that is reflected behind the news desk?? Not there, either. Smoke and mirrors.
  • There were never more than three people in this room at one time.

Remember to breathe.


The other guest went before me, and I listened quietly to his spiel. I had dug out my book and was ready to flash it when it was my turn. (I brought my props with me, pro that I am.)

I sat in the stool after the other guy left (without saying good bye or thank you or anything…being a star is hard work). The host pinned my mic on (see how I did that? I’m sounding like a pro, using words like “mic”.) He asked me a few questions about the book and how to pronounce my name (got it right on the second try), and we were off to the races.


I did have a speech of sorts prepared just in case we came up with dead air (see how I did that again? Just slipping those phrases in there like I’ve been using them my whole life **snap**snappppppp**).

So it was three minutes of me talking about my work history and how that got me into writing the book, and I was able to tease the the fact that five more books are coming out right behind Stitches.

I managed to speak relatively intelligently. Smoke and mirrors, people.



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