The Making of A Star Part Two

butterfliesI spent the better part of a month wondering what would look good on camera – and if I could lose twenty pounds before going on. And if my roots were showing. And if the colors I chose for my makeup were too much or too little…and oh my God what would I say?

So I settled on a turquoise blouse – that color pops on tv, right? But then I added a filmy scarf. Too much? I needed it to hide the bulges, so it stayed. Turns out it just made me look bigger. Oh, well.

Eye on the Desert is on every night so I scrupulously took notes and timed the interviews – three minutes each! Yowza. How in the world could I get my message (for I know I have  a message) across in three minutes? And how much of that time would be spent answering questions, or could I just go in like a bull in a china shop and make a speech?

Oh Dear God.

I practiced answers to questions and prepared a speech. I found I had to close my eyes to remember the speech. “Well, that’s not going to work,” said my husband.


The drive to the studio was easy, and I rehearsed my speech and took deep breaths.

This was going to be a piece of cake.

Admission to the lobby took a phone call from my cell. I guess tv studios need to be careful now, too. Sigh. I sat on the couch and waited, rehearsing in my head, (knowing that talking to myself may get me arrested, or at least sitting in front of a concerned counselor with a cop standing behind, thumbs hooked on belt). But then the other guest showed up and sat across from me, ignoring me and reading on his tablet or something. Whatever.

At this point it was do or die. I decided to do. Whatever happened, happened. I was as prepared as I was going to be. This was my first interview, and I could be excused a faux pas or two.

A side lobby door opened. “Ready for Eye on the Desert guests!” I wondered if they could hear my knees knocking.

Stay tuned! Sitting in the studio was a real revelation…



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